Dear BC,

   Where to begin my goodness. Well let’s start off by Thank you, thank you for an amazing 4 years of your talent, kindness, understanding, your patience, your humor, and most of all your heart. You have shown me more then just cute twirls and dancing but finding someone in me that i never thought in my life existed. Not only did you coach me but you were there for me whether it was good or bad even at 1 am when i really needed to talk to you.. i will always remember my senior year when i had the best show of my high school career and i was balling, crying my eyes out and couldn’t even talk, when i went up to you were like oh my gawd Roxy are you OK? are you hurt? With all the tears and stuttering and one of the most happiest moments of my life, i responded, that the world was on my side for 11 min and an indescribable feeling appeared and you were there to see it all. You took my hand and gave me the biggest hug in the world with the biggest smile on your face. Today you saw that person, the girl who had the world in her hands for a good 6 minutes. That was for you, and you only, because in the end it was your vision and it was my heart to give it to you. When i took my arm band off at the last moment of the show, all these moments passed my head, memories, and me thinking… wow this is my last show with you watching me in the stands,your creation, and most of all your kid. I love you so much and i know we’ll always be close, just remember that you’re the reason why i had the world in my hands in some point in time in my life..

"So you are going to be bold and confident. You are much better then you give yourself credit for. Though you still have much to learn. The only one holding you back from anything is you." - Ben C.