Color Guard and Jerry Springer!

"stay the hell away from me!"


Last night was one of those unplanned nights that turn out to be one of the best nights of my life.(actually not really lol) Hoolly shittt how many times did i say night? LOL


(still a bit hung over, came like an hour ago …smh lol)

again, anyway…

Party/kick back whatever the fuck you want to call it, came by old high school people i knew who i never talked to, they were my fucking best friends by the end of the night hahaha but really, never knew they were such chill people. Fuck high school. (But it was like 6 of them and the other people were random except for a couple of my usual friends)

Fact about myself: i hate beer…yeah yeah yeah i like pussy drinks like malibu and what not.


Brew handed me a beer, and said drink this you’ll like it…

ended up drinking 5 of those mother fuckers. lol

so, i like beer.

later as the night went on you know chillen gettin a little buzzzzzzzzzyyyyy had a couple smokes, hit a pipe a couple times, and some of that bullshit of hooka

after many other events happened, like kiara and i becoming a tag team and almost kicking some guys ass for calling me a bitch, and some slutty as bitch who wanted to get into my friends pants and he clearly told her to fuck off and stop cock blocking when i would talk to him hahahaha so funny, she was wasted. poor girl. Brew falling asleep on my lap, and not wanting to get up but i had to because i had to pee LOL!! (i shouldn’t of left the fucking couch :(  /)_- )

Ok gonna make this fast even though yeah…

So i have another friend..let’s call him Seth, close to his name ;) haha but any who, really nice guy, super chill, he needs to shave lol, and well not really what i was interested in, we’re the last two up and all the lights are out, i could not sleep, he couldn’t sleep, but because we were to fucking buzzed at the moment not even drunk just buzzed. One thing led to the other…started making out.. it started raining outside, we said fuck it. …We went outside in the fucking pouring rain, and let me tell you, i’ve ALWAYS wanted to kiss someone in the rain, just not this guy… again nice person in all but yeah
(he wanted to get down to “business” i said NOPE! lol)…so we made out in the rain, fucking soaking wet…but the catch is…as we were doing this, all i was thinking about was the person on the couch and how i wished it was him all this time….

i have a problem…LMFAO! 

not really. wait…yeah i do.

so yeah that was a short story on an event that happened last night and i hope i didn’t bore you. but yeah….i’m a fucking mess.